Your kingdom is waiting for you to address it, hopeful that the new king will be merciful. You step towards the stone path that leads you through your people and everyone turns to look. Your first step on the stone brings you to your knees. But you aren't sure if it is the heat the... Continue Reading →

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You're warm and comfortable under the safety of your homemade blanket. You're in the midst of a dreamscape....dreaming of a strange man and a dragon. You feel your cat jump onto your tummy, purring the wind through your ears like the dragon flying high above the clouds. Your cat unexpectedly spasms off you. The next... Continue Reading →

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An Insufferable Trip

Our four-day trip to Arizona from South Carolina started with my getting infectious mononucleosis. For the few of you who don’t know, that’s the kissing virus. My partner, little siblings, roommate, nor my mother had it. Did I drink after my little siblings? My mother? I wasn’t entirely sure how I was mistakenly given it. Therefore,... Continue Reading →

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Gen. Survivor

Year: 3010 Phase: 6 Population: 1.6 billion Remaining Countries: United States, China “What is the one moment do you want to relive again?” Sandra asked. He knew the answer as soon as she asked it, but he wanted to give her the pleasure of thinking through all their fun times together. Axis cocked his head to the side as... Continue Reading →

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Florence’s Hidden Gem

I walk into this tiny café and see do-gooders.  What is Caffè Rainer?  The happy owners: Rudolf and Sylvia The coffee shop is a reminder of my petite hometown in South Carolina. It’s simple. Slow-paced. Warm and familiar. There are shelves on the wall filled with books—give one, take one, kind of deal. There’s family... Continue Reading →

The French-Swiss-Italian-Child

Oh boy. Florence, Italy. There were a few times that I had wished my study abroad experience had come to end before it had actually even gotten started. I remember thinking there was absolutely no way I could up and move to Italy for the next three months of my life. Not without family; not... Continue Reading →

Tuscan Meal

Challenged by the many restaurants in the most frantic town of Italy, owners diminish their praise with more modifications. More salt, less sugar. Smoked paprika, not regular. The kitchen is a madhouse for the cooks—you can all but hear the rolling of heads on each chopping board as the chef declares massacres—and not the animal kind. Re-plate that!... Continue Reading →

The Nightingale Sings

You slip out of a frenzied sleep atop a hill in the glades. You hear the rolling winds, you feel the tall grass beneath your body, you hear the nightingale singing. You have been traveling these glades for fifteen years, and the only souls you have seen are the stars above you. You whistle the... Continue Reading →


You stumble upon a broken down old car. It had a broken window and glass splattered the ground surrounding the car. You peek inside and see insects have made it their home, yellowish worn down letters, a plastic bag full of pictures, a brown jacket, and a suitcase. You wonder why anyone would leave all... Continue Reading →


You live by yourself in the middle of the woods in a log cabin. You chop wood daily and have grown accustomed to animals surrounding your home. You listen to their crows, their rattling, their wings flapping. You learn to love and respect each of them. You share the grounds with them and it is... Continue Reading →


There is a ticking noise that is bothering you from deep inside your brain. You lightly tap your head with your finger to the beat of the ticking. Your foot begins its chase, your head bobs to the side, your hips move in grace to the beat of the tapping. You find a peace with... Continue Reading →


“For she doth make my veins and pulses tremble.” -Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy Processed with VSCO with av4 preset  “I thought we were close,” Ana said. She was sitting in the passenger seat, staring at a map of the country. He knew she had no idea where they were currently at, but she persisted in helping.... Continue Reading →

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